Who’s who


Dr. T.M Thomas Isaac

Minister for Finance

min dot fin at kerala.gov.in

Manoj Joshi I A S

Principal Secretary (Finance)

Phone(Off):0471 – 2327586, 2518292 Fax: 0471 – 2326990

Sanjeev Kaushik I A S

Principal Secretary (Finance-Resources)

Phone: 0471 – 2331161, 2518058

P. Anil Prasad

Chief Project Manager (SPARK)

anil100783@kerala.gov.in, Phone(Off):0471-2579700

Girish Parakkat

Manager (SPARK)

girishp@kerala.gov.in, Phone(Off):0471-2579700

Naseera Beevi A.N 

Senior Assistant

naseerabeevi308788@kerala.gov.in, Phone(Off):0471-2579700

Abila A L

Senior Assistant

abila723626@kerala.gov.in, Phone(Off):0471-2579700

Note: In Emails ‘@’ is represented as “at” and ‘.’ is represented as “dot” to avoid spams