DSC  Installation Manual for Windows

DSC  Installation Manual for Windows [ View English pdf ]   ||    [ View Malayalam pdf ]

In Windows Operating System, the Digital signature should be setup first and registration must be done to make use of it. There are five steps for registering Digital signature

1. Installation (DSC Driver Tool, DSC Signer)

2.Browser Configuration

3.BIMS Registration/Renewal

4.SPARK Registration/Renewal

5.E Submission.

1.Installation (DSC Driver Tool, DSC Signer)

Following are the prerequisites for installing DSC Signer utility.

  • Oracle Java 8 Runtime
  • Driver for DSC token in Windows

1.1 DSC Token Driver Installation

The explanation for installation process of ProxKey Driver is explaining below. Other DSC tokens will have similar setup procedure for token Driver Installation. First connect the DSC Token. Then Right Click the WD Icon from Start Menu. After that choose ‘install or run program from media’.

Install the Driver by completing the setup as mentioned above. Once the installation complete, an installation complete window will appear and click the Finish Button.

1.2 DSC Signer Installation

The link for downloading DSC Signer is [Download].

Token Driver must be installed successfully before installing DSC Signer. To install the DSC Signer software Double click the icon

A message will be displayed on the screen to configure browser before installation. Click OK Button to proceed.

                                                   For completing the installation, click the Next Button.

                                                       For installing DSC Software click the Install Button.

                                                     Like this complete the installation procedure.

Once completing the installation, a window appears as shown below. Then click the Next button.

After successful installation an icon for DSC Signer will be seen at the right side of the task bar (if the Token is plugged in). To change the Token type right click the DSC signer icon and click Settings.

                                                    Then select the appropriate Token.

                                                         After selecting the Token click Save button.

                                             Then remove the device and connect the device once again.

2.Browser Configuration

Browser must be configured before installing DSC Signer . The configuration should be different for each and every browser.

⇒Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox and type the following in the address bar and press Enter key


                                             A new window will appear and click the View Certificate button.

                                         In the new window click the Import button in Authorities tab.

Import the root CA.crt file certificate in the ssl Folder which is already downloaded with DSC Signer and click the Open button.

Select the option Trust this CA to identify websites from the new window and click Ok button.

When the configuration is completed Mozilla Firefox is ready for digital signing using DSC signer.

⇒Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and type the following in the address bar and press Enter key.


Enable the yellow coloured link in the flowing window.

                      After that click the Relaunch button seen at the bottom of the page.


When the configuration is completed Google Chrome is ready for digital signing using DSC signer.

⇒Internet Explorer

In Internet explorer browser the certificate should be inserted like in Mozilla Firefox. So click the Tools menu in Internet explorer browser.

                                               Click the Internet options in Tools menu.

                                                  In the new window click the Certificate option.

                                            The click the Import button in the new window appears.

After clicking the Import button ‘Certificate Import Wizard window’ will appear there. Click the Next button.


Please select the path of ssl Folder which is downloaded with DSC signer and browse it. To Import root CA certificate click Next button in the upcoming two windows.

                                                     Click Finish button in the following window

                                                    In the next dialogue box click Yes button

                                        The following message will be displayed and click Ok button.

The above said details are for using digital signature device in a computer.

For submitting bills in applications like BIMS, SPARK etc follow the following instructions.

3.BIMS Registration/Renewal

For Registration/Renewal of Digital signature device in BIMS click the DSC registration link available in BIMS Home page.

                                                   Insert the 10 digit DDO code and click Next button.

The DDO registration details including Treasury, Department, Office, Designation of DDO will appear in that page. Then click Proceed button.

A pdf certificate will generate in that page. This is the procedure of registration in BIMS.

Submit the acknowledgement letter downloaded from BIMS to concerned treasury.

4.SPARK Registration/Renewal

For Registration/Renewal of digital signature device in SPARK, select the Administration menu after login to SPARK. Then click New Registration/Renewal of DSC option in Administration menu.

Click New Registration/Renewal of DSC for registration. Once registered the validity period can be viewed in that window.


After clicking registration option a window will appear for inserting the Token password of the device. In that window insert the password and click Ok button.

A new window, with the name as in Token and the validity period of certificate will be displayed on the screen. Select the check box and click Ok button. If the name is matched then SPARK registration will be completed.

If the name is not matched, then go through the menu, Service matters→Personal details→Present service details. Then verify the aadhar details and update it. Then register once again.


If the device (Token) is replaced or the DDO has changed then the same option (New Registration/Renewal of DSC) can be used for renewal.


If SPARK registration is completed then the bills can be submitted to treasury.

5.E Submission.

In Accounts→Bills→E_Submit Bill menu, before clicking Approve and Submit button you need to insert the Token password as mentioned above.

                                                   Enter the Token password and click Next button.

A message will appear there which shows the E submission is completed successfully.



DDOs can take DSCs in all working days through the prior appointment of corresponding District wise Coordinators