Implementation of AEBAS [Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System]

As part of the review meeting held on 22/06/2019 state Government has decided to implement the AEBAS (Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance system) as state wide. The Biometric Attendance System will enable an employee to register attendance by presenting his/her biometric (Fingerprint/Iris) which will be authenticated online. Offices using the system will install biometric enabled terminals / devices to mark attendance. One of the mandatory requirements for registering bio-metric attendance system is a valid Aadhaar Number of the employees for enabling him/her to mark attendance.  Aadhaar based biometric Authentication for the purpose of attendance would ensure that the attendance of all the Government employees will be visible in real time ensuring transparency and accountability to bring efficiency.
The employees need to fill an online form using the link ‘Employee Registration’ on the attendance portal ‘’. Once the details are filled, the employee data goes to the Nodal Officer of the department for verification. After the approval from the nodal officer, the employee become active in the attendance portal and can mark his/her attendance through the devices installed. Employees need to enter full Name date, Date of Birth, Gender. 12 digit Aadhar Number, Email Address ,Mobile Number, PEN for registration.
As per the conditions of AEBAS , for every 50 employees, a wall mounted device, or for every 20 employees, one finger print scanner connected to desktop should be provisioned. Depending on the number of employees in each department, sufficient number of devices should be provided.For marking of attendance, every employee will need to enter his/her 8 digit unique id on the touch screen of the tablet and then present his/her bio-metric (finger print/ iris) for authentication. This may initially take up to 30 seconds to 1 minute depending on number of attempts required. With some practice and training, the time for giving bio-metric attendance by each employee may reduce to less than 10 seconds.
NIC Coordinators — Department wise list [View pdf]