FORMSPurpose Access providing authority Download
FORMS for setting User Privileges in SPARK
FORM 1New Employee Registration
(This form required to be duly filled up and submitted by the prospective employees while reporting for duty on fresh appointment. The officer before whom the prospective employee reports for duty and the appointing authority required to counter sign the duly filled up form submitted by the prospective employee, After getting the form counter signed by the appointing authority the Subject Assistant will feed the data into SPARK and obtain Permanent Employee Number from the system and write down it in the box provided below for the purpose)
DDO/Head of the Department/Establishment User of the officeDownload
FORM 3Nomination /Change of Nomination of Drawing and Disbursing Officer( DDO)s/
Establishment Officers
(To be furnished by the Head of Office to SPARK PMU/District Treasury
SPARK PMU office/ ‘U’ privilege usersDownload
FORM 5 For Setting Controlling Officer in SPARKSPARK PMU office/ ‘U’ privilege usersDownload
FORM 8Enrollment / nomination change of counter signing authority for aided institutionsSPARK PMU office/ ‘U’ privilege usersDownload
Forms for setting Office Details
FORMAT 01New Office Installation in SPARKSPARK PMU office/’U’ privilege usersDownload
FORM 6HRA Change RequestSPARK PMU office/’U’ privilege usersDownload
FORM 7Change DDO code/Dept code/Treasury code /Office name in SPARKSPARK PMU/’U’ privilege usersDownload
FORM for setting as Sub officeSetting of an existing office in SPARK as sub office of another officeSPARK PMU office/’U’ privilege usersDownload
FORM SOP Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Establishing Connectivity between SPARK and other Software Applications of Government Departments / Agencies
Departments / Agencies
FORM for Assigning Nodal officer AEBASNomination of Nodal Officers for the Implemention of AEBASSPARK PMU officeDownload