Pay revision Arrear 3rd Reprocessing option

SPRAK PMU enabled the PAY REVISION AREAR REPROCESSING module to reprocess the 3rdpay revision arrears of excluded employees, who had been excluded through ‘Exclude Employee’ option due to excess/ short drawal made in the previous instalments of pay revision arrear or by mistake.

Before performing Pay Revision Arrear Reprocessing step for the employees, who have had Excess/Short drawal issues in previous instalments of Pay Revision Arrear, the user should ensure that all necessary changes are done in employee details to correct the irregular drawal (Excess/Short drawl) happened in previous instalments of pay revision arrears. It is the responsibly of the DDO to check and confirm the employee details before doing the Pay Revision Arrear Reprocessing.

During employee selection step, please avoid those excess drawl cases, for which the second instalment amount not sufficient to adjust the excess drawn amount. If user considers the above said cases along with other employees for reprocessing, system will block such error cases from further processing and will end up with error bill.