Claim entry – Nominees

At first the pending salaries, arrears, other claims of deceased employees are are processed as Manual bills/Non Spark bills. But now a module has been updated in SPARK for processing the bills of diseased employees for crediting the amount to nominees. These bills are processed as claim through, Accounts→Claim entry→Nominees option in SPARK.   In Nominee’s claim the Nature of Claims like Salary, Salary arrears, DA arrears, Terminal surrender, PF Closure, Terminal surrender etc are available for processing the bill. In order to process the bills of deceased employees, at first mark death status for deceased person through, Service matters→Retirements→Retirements option. Select the Nature of Retirement or Termination as’ Death’. After that process the bills through, Accounts→ Claim entry→Nominees option.  Update all the fields and select appropriate Nature of claim also. Then insert the fields. If all these details are correct, then click  Submit button (Figure 1) .

Figure 1

Then further procedures are same as the processing methods of claim bills.

After submitting claim details please approve the claim through Accounts→ Claim Approval option (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Then make the bill through, Accounts→ Bills→ Make bill from Approved Claims option (Figure 3).

Figure 3

Then the Print out of processed bill can be generated by clicking Print button (Figure 4).

If all the details are found to be correct then bills can be submitted to treasury, through, Accounts→ Bills→E- Submit bill option by selecting Bill Nature as Other claims.