Manual Bill Preparation (Pre 2 / 2011) employee having PEN (Retired)

A module has been enabled   in SPARK to enter details of Manually Prepared Bill and to print the bill and e-submit to Treasury through SPARK for claims prior to 02/2011 in the cases of employee retired.

Nature of Bill 

  • Salary
  • Salary arrear
  • DA arrear

Claimant Type

  • Retired

                   Steps To Be Taken By DDO To Process a Manual Bill

             Manual Bill preparation option is enabled under Salary matters→Manual Bill Preparation (Pre 2/2011).

Fig 1.Screenshot of the SPARK page showing manual bill preparation(Pre 2/2011)(Retired)


Step I: Employee selection for Preparation

Salary matters→Manual Bill Preparation (Pre 2/2011)→Claim w.r.t employees having PEN (Retired)

DDO can select employee (PEN) after successfully filling the mandatory fields such as DDO code, Nature of Bill, Claimant Type, Period of Bill, Sanctioning authority, Order number, Order Date, Head of account etc.

Make sure that the period entered in the Period of Bill column should match with the month and year selected for the bill preparation towards the end of the form. Once the data entered and saved by using ‘SAVE and CONFIRM’ button, a draft bill can be generated for initial verification.

Fig 2.Screenshot of the SPARK page showing employee selection and amount insertion


Step II: Draft Bill Generation.
Salary matters→Manual Bill preparation (Pre 2/2011)→Claim w.r.t employees having PEN (Retired)

ALL pending bills will be listed in the left side of the page. On selecting the item, links will be displayed towards the right side of the same page for generating the hard copy. If anything is found incorrect, it is possible to edit or delete the existing entry by the user and generate again. Inner Bill, Outer Bill and bank details are also available for verification. Final bill for presenting to Treasury can be generated after ‘make Bill’ option.
Similarly salary arrear /DA Arrear for an employee as a claimant can be generated by using the above procedure.

Fig 3.Screenshot of the SPARK page showing draft Bill Generation


Step IV: Make Bill from pay Roll option for manual Bill

After verifying the bill and found error free, user can use the option Accounts→Make Bill from payroll for generating the bill number.

Fig 4.Screenshot of the SPARK page showing make bill from payroll for manual bill

After getting the bill number, the hard copy of the bill can be generated through the link available in ‘make bill’ or through the Salary matters→Manual Bill Preparation (Pre 2/2011) →Claim w.r.t employees having PEN (Retired)option. Then the system will generate the Final bill with the watermark ‘Manual Bill Pre (02/2011).


Fig 5.Screenshot of the SPARK page showing the Generated Bill

If any editing is necessary even after doing the make Bill then use Accounts→Cancel Bill and try to make appropriate changes and repeat the procedure.

Step V: E-submit bill to Treasury
Accounts→Bills→E submit Bill.
Step VI: View bill status
Accounts→Bills→View submitted Pay bills.