How to Register a New Employee in SPARK?

Regular employees Registration
New employee registration is done by the concerned DDO/Head of the Department/Establishment User of the office through the SPARK option Administration→ New employee record. PEN will be generated on entering all the mandatory fields on the personal memoranda page and clicking on ‘Confirm’ button. The registration procedure will be completed only after entering the details in ‘Present Service Details and Contact Details pages.

Points to be noted

  • DDO should check and confirm if PEN has already generated for this employee, user can check this through Queries Employee Search option.
  • If PEN already generated for this employee during his/her past service tenure, in such cases the existing PEN should be continued for future services also.

Temporary Employee/Provisional Employee Registration
The DDO/Head of the Dept/Establishment can register the temporary employees (who are not provided with service Book) through Accounts Register Temporary employee by entering the details such as name, date of birth, address and bank account details. Name, date of birth and Aadhaar number should be same as given in the Aadhaar card. If system shows any error message like “Enter name/dob as in Aadhaar”, then employee should correct the Aadhaar details by contacting nearest Akshaya having biometric facility. Then only, system will allow registering the employee details in SPARK. Also it should be noted that if employee details are saved with incorrect Aadhaar details, system will restrict further correction on employee details with new Aadhaar. In such cases  Name / Date of Birth of an employee can be changed through the menu , Accounts   → Temporary employees→Edit details. System strictly restricts the registration of an employee from multiple offices. Once a temporary employee got registered in an office through SPARK system, then without terminating from that office, he/she cannot be registered in other offices. On registering the employee, system will generate a temporary employee number (TEN) for the employee.