Exempt Loan Recovery Module updated..

Exempt Loan recovery 


As part of the G.O.(P) No. 54/2020/Fin dated 01/05/2020, it is decided for deferring the repayment of loans by government employees and teachers from April to August.Software has been modified for exempting loan details  of employees by using the menu, Salary matters>>Changes in the month>>Loans>> Exempt Recovery.


In Exempt Loan recovery option, you have to select the bill type and loan item of concerned employee for exempting from Loan recovery. In New Exemption Details Entry you can update the period of exemption, Number of instalments, Recovery Start Month and Year. Also you can sort the employees by using basic pay.

Please note that if the instalment number is given as zero, recovery of the instalment(s) will remain unpaid. Before confirming the exempt recovery, DDO should certify that the exempt recovery of loan is done based on the conditions laid down in Prevailing Government orders.