GPF Temporary Advance Application Module Updated

As per the GO(P) No.160/2019/Fin dated 18/11/2019, Government was pleased to introduce the GPF Temporary Advance module in SPARK. Upper Monetary Limit for sanctioning Temporary Advance/Non-Refundable Advance by various categories of sanctioning authorities have been revised based on the GO(P) No.64/2019/Fin dated 31/05/2019. The existing upper limit to various categories of sanctioning authorities for sanctioning Temporary Advance (TA) subject to a maximum of 75% of the eligible balance at credit of the subscriber, as booked by the Accountant General and also based on the statement of deposits and withdrawal in Form E.

As per the GO(P) No. 9/2019/Fin dated 12/02/2019, Government implemented form I, form II and form IV respectively to make them conductive to online submission and processing in SPARK. Based on the Circular No. 59/2019/Fin dated 10/06/2019, Closure Application for GPF will also be generated and submitted through online module in SPARK with effect from 15.06.2019

GPF Temporary Advance processing mode by Officials

GPF Temporary advance online application can be applied for DDO himself and for other employee under his jurisdiction by using the menu, Salary matters→Provident Fund →GPF Temporary Advance Application. Application default includes the GPF account number, PF indicating Section Number and Branch, Previous advance or recovery, Credit on balance etc. Amount required corresponding rules, Total number of instalments should be filled in the application form. Application can be filled by the DDO or the establishment User using their own spark Login.


                                                                                                  Figure 1: Application page of Temp Advance.

If there is an outstanding balance exist for an employee and he want to apply GPF advance again then it is also possible through online application. But a checking is included. Reapplication can only be possible after 6 months of the previous advance has made.

Temporary Advance Approval

After submitting the application it will forward to the approval page of DDO, and it is available in the menu, Salary matters→Provident Fund-→GPF Temporary Advance approval

The application status becomes ‘Verified‘, if it is entered through the spark login of DDO. It is mentioned in below (Figure 2).


Figure 2 : Status of Temp Advance application

DDO can select the application from the left corner of that page and there it is marked as in pending list. On selecting the application, its will be displayed there. It is possible to give the Special reason for granting the advance, Approval /Rejection comments can be updated by the DDO. If it is rejected nature then the applicant can once again submit the application.

Otherwise DDO has to declare that the approval is done by me based on the financial delegation orders issued by Govt for approval of GPF temporary advance.

Before approving the applications, all details should be verified. Once the application is approved by DDO, a draft of application can be downloaded from this page with a water mark ‘Draft’ (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Draft application to DDO

If the draft application is found be correct then DDO can approve the application as per (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Approval after declaration and draft generation

DSC should be mandatory for approving the claims. When an application is approved by the DDO then corresponding XML will be generated for the application and that intimation will captured by the AG server. Thus the status of the PF advance status will retained in Accountant General Office for future reference.

Note: All the temporary advance applications are approved by DDO itself, no need to forward it for sanctioning from AG.

Change the approving Authority

DDO’s application is submitted to the controlling officer and if there is mistakenly selected the name of sanctioning authority and forwarded for approval, then it is possible to revert the application to DDO login by using the menu, Salary matters→Provident Fund→Change Approving authority (GPF Temporary Advance).

Figure 5: Change approving authority of GPF temporary advance.

GPF Advance processing mode by Individuals

In addition to enter the details through DDO login Individual employee can also submit it as online. For that use the Provident Fund menu listed among the main menu, Provident Fund→GPF Temporary Advance Application (Figure 6).

Figure 6: GPF Temporary Advance Application of individuals.

Fill up the application properly and submit it for DDO’s approval. Each level of application status will be retained in the user interface( Figure 7).

Figure 7: Status of individual application.

All DDO’s and controlling officers should ensure the format of application given by the individual are found be correct before making approval.