Spark implemented Dashboard Facility for aided institutions in AEO/DEO login

Dashboard Facility for aided institutions

In aided institutions, employees’ entitlement authentication, increment sanction, promotion and transfer are approved by their higher authorities (AEO/DEO). DDO forwarded the application through his login page by click on ‘Forward for Approval’ option for getting approval from their approving authority (AEO/DEO).

Now SPARK has introduced a Dashboard facility to obviate various difficulties being faced by Aided Institutions. This simple dash board is provided in the home page of aided counter signing authorities as an alert regarding the count of the pending items for approval such as entitlement, increment, promotion, grade, transfer, probation etc. These Digital dashboards allow controlling officer to monitor the various offices under his/her jurisdiction. Moreover it allows capturing and reporting specific data within the institution thus providing a “snapshot” of performance. This facility is now enabled to DEO/AEO officers for proper dealing of Aided institutions.