Leave Management Module

SPARK has enabled leave management module for managing the leave details of state government employees enrolled in SPARK system. Employees can apply any type of leave through this on-line Leave Management Module. Options for accessing leave management module is facilitated to users based on the SPARK user privileges assigned to them. Any employees who have been enrolled in SPARK system (having PEN) can apply leave online through the Leave management module proffered at the SPARK login page. Here logging in to the system using user name and password is not required. Instead, mobile authentication is used, using one time password (OTP). Employees having SPARK user privileges can apply leave online through their SPARK login account also.

The leave form used in leave management module is a replication of Form 13 in KSR, The form will be loaded with basic data and the applicants can enter leave type, leave period etc and submit it to the recommending/approving officer. Employees can select the concerned recommending/approving officer from a list that will appear on the screen, filtered by designation. Officials having Leave Processing Privilege can process /Approve/ Sanction leave of employees (Please ensure that the Service history of the employee and leave account is updated).

SPARK website can be accessed through the URL, http://spark.gov.in/webspark/

                                                                      (Figure 1)

Employees can enter into leave management module through the link ‘Online Leave Management System’.  On clicking the option, system will display a window showing the fields PEN and Mobile number (Figure 2).

(Figure 2)

Enter PEN and mobile number registered in SPARK and Click on ‘Go’ button (If the correct mobile number is not registered in SPARK, then the same may be done through the respective establishments). Then user can see four options on the screen (Figure 3).

(Figure 3)

Submit leave Application: On clicking this option, the user can access the leave form, Fill the leave form, enter the details carefully in respective fields(Employee details, Address during the leave, type of leave, Leave Period, Ground on which leave is applied for etc).  The declarations need to be checked to get the ‘Verify’ button enabled.

Select the reporting officer (mandatory) and the ‘leave approving authority’. After filling the details click on ‘Verify’ button. If the data entered are found correct, an one time password (OTP) will be sent to the registered mobile number. The user has to enter the OTP in the space provided and click the ‘Submit’ button. If the OTP is not received even after waiting for about a minute, then user may click the ‘Regenerate OTP’ link to resend the OTP. One has to check the reference number shown on the screen and in the OTP message to enter the relevant correct OTP.

(Figure 4)

Extension of leave: Leave extension can be done similar to applying for leave. There are two options in the leave application as ‘Fresh leave’ and ‘Leave extension’. If the extension button is clicked, system will give a message showing the reference number of last leave that can be extended. Select that leave and enter details of leave extension similar to that of a fresh leave.

Submit Joining Report: After completion of leave period, an employee can submit his joining report through ‘Submit Joining Report’ option.  The screenshot of the page is displayed in Figure 2.  Here also employee can choose reporting officer/recommending officer/approving authority.

(Figure 5)

Premature Joining: If an employee joins duty before completion of his leave period, employee can use this ‘Premature Joining‘ option for intimating joining details to his reporting officer / approving authority.  The leave period will be adjusted accordingly. Screenshot of the page is shown below (Figure 6).

(Figure 6)

Cancel Leave: Leave management module has the option to cancel the applied leave request also.  The same workflow similar to leave sanctioning is used for cancellation also.

(Figure 7)