4.SPARK Registration/Renewal

For Registration/Renewal of digital signature device in SPARK, select the Administration menu after login to SPARK. Then click New Registration/Renewal of DSC option in Administration menu.

Click New Registration/Renewal of DSC for registration. Once registered the validity period can be viewed in that window.


After clicking registration option a window will appear for inserting the Token password of the device. In that window insert the password and click Ok button.

A new window, with the name as in Token and the validity period of certificate will be displayed on the screen. Select the check box and click Ok button. If the name is matched then SPARK registration will be completed.

If the name is not matched, then go through the menu, Service matters→Personal details→Present service details. Then verify the aadhar details and update it. Then register once again.


If the device (Token) is replaced or the DDO has changed then the same option (New Registration/Renewal of DSC) can be used for renewal.


If SPARK registration is completed then the bills can be submitted to treasury.