1.Installation (DSC Driver Tool, DSC Signer)

Following are the prerequisites for installing DSC Signer utility.

  • Oracle Java 8 Runtime
  • Driver for DSC token in Windows

1.1 DSC Token Driver Installation

The explanation for installation process of ProxKey Driver is explaining below. Other DSC tokens will have similar setup procedure for token Driver Installation. First connect the DSC Token. Then Right Click the WD Icon from Start Menu. After that choose ‘install or run program from media’.

Install the Driver by completing the setup as mentioned above. Once the installation complete, an installation complete window will appear and click the Finish Button.

1.2 DSC Signer Installation

The link for downloading DSC Signer is [Download].

Token Driver must be installed successfully before installing DSC Signer. To install the DSC Signer software Double click the icon

A message will be displayed on the screen to configure browser before installation. Click OK Button to proceed.

                                 For completing the installation, click the Next Button.

                            For installing DSC Software click the Install Button.

                      Like this complete the installation procedure.

      Once completing the installation, a window appears as shown below. Then click the Next button.

After successful installation an icon for DSC Signer will be seen at the right side of the task bar (if the Token is plugged in). To change the Token type right click the DSC signer icon and click Settings.

                                     Then select the appropriate Token.

                           After selecting the Token click Save button.

Then remove the device and connect the device once again.