Issues Rectified…

The following issues are rectified in latest updates….



1. Employee of UGC category retired during 2015 not listing for Terminal Surrender arrear processing
2. Cancellation of Multiple bill.
3. Session Timed out in General Transfer
4. Head of account of employees belonged to sub offices not listing in GPF Application
5. Unable to insert CMDRF leave surrender sanction order
6. Claims of other offices not listing after entry
7. Pay revision arrear error report for those who drawn Spl pay in lieu of higher scale (102) instead of Special Pay(04) along with surrender..
In such cases the bill to be cancelled and need to process once again..
8. DA due coming for full period as HPL in the case of LWA and HPL taken together.
9. Terminal Surrender (PR 2014) – 680 Department changed to 860, DDO code of old office is coming