DSC is made mandatory in all departments for GPF related online modules

As per the Circular No 32/2019/Findated 10/04/2019, all DDO are informed that, DSC is made mandatory in the all departments for GPF related online modules (such as admission, NRA and conversion of temporary advance to NRA) with effect from 05/2019 and for pay and allowance  processing of 15 designated departments and contingent bills in SPARK and BiMS respectively by 11.04.2019, in case of following departments,

Archeology, Archives, Chemical Examiner’s Laboratory, Commissionerate of Entrance Exams, Culture, Election,  Police, Ground Water Department, State Audit Department, Museum & Zoo, Sainik welfare, Administrative Reforms Commission, Kerala Women’s Commission, GST Department and Kerala Public Service Commission.

DDOs can take DSCs in all working days through the prior appointment of corresponding District wise Coordinators

District wise Coordinators List [View]