General Provident Fund Module updated

General Provident Fund Module

SPARK PMU has updated a new module for General Provident fund for submitting online application as per the G.O(P) No 9/2019/Fin, dated 12/02/2019 to Accountant General. GPF Admission /Non Refundable Advance and Conversion application by individual employee with the proper recommendation and sanction from the Department officers concerned and this is to be pushed as online to AG‘s system. For each and every online application there is a status retained in the individual users or DDO level to know the progress of application. Corresponding sanction order details will be available in the DDO users and can be forwarded to AG for processing. Once the application processed or sanctioned from AG subsequent intimation will be available in the DDO interface.

As per the G.O(P) No 37/2019/Fin, dated 30/03/2019, Government has revised the existing Upper Monetary Limit to various categories of Sanctioning Authorities for sanctioning NRA/Conversion of Temporary Advance to NRA subject to a maximum of 75% of the eligible balance at credit of the subscriber, as booked by the Accountant General. All NRA/Conversion of Temporary Advance to NRA will take in effect only after getting online authorization of the Principal Accountant General in SPARK and all the bills of the GPF NRA will be generated and encashed by the DDO’s through SPARK only based on this online authorization issued by the Principal Accountant General.

As per the Circular No 32/2019/Fin, dated 10/04/2019, all DDOs are informed that DSC is made mandatory in all departments for GPF related online modules with effect from 05/2019 and for pay and allowance processing and contingent bills in SPARK and BIMS respectively by 11.04.2019, in the case of following departments.

Archeology, Archives, Chemical Examiner’s Laboratory, Commissionerate of Entrance Exams, Culture, Election,  Police, Ground Water Department, State Audit Department, Museum & Zoo, Sainik welfare, Administrative Reforms Commission, Kerala Women’s Commission, GST Department and Kerala Public Service Commission.

The DDOs who have not availed DSC till time can contact their nearest District Treasury for availing DSC at free of cost.  The help desk of Keltron at the District Treasury offices would provide DSC, its installation and training.

All DDO should ensure;

  • In the case of departments for which Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is mandatory for bill submission, these modules would only be operated using DSC.
  • In the case of departments for which DSC is not mandatory, they can use these modules without DSC.
  • The parallel system of submission of duly signed hard copies along with online submission to AG is to be continued until further orders.
  • All Government employees who have subscribed to General Provident Fund and their GPF accounts maintained by Accountant General Kerala can utilize the facility available in SPARK for these online submission modules.
  • In modification to the provisions in the G.O (P) No 58/2017/Fin dated 03/05/2017, these applications are to be submitted to the DDO online and in the case of DDO’s, Controlling Officer/immediate superior officer/Head of Department is authorized to sanction the same.
  • In the case of Head of Departments, the power vests with the Secretary to Government of the Administrative Department concerned in Secretariat.
  • The detailed (step by step) tutorial on operating the module in SPARK will be hosted in the website and in
  • The DDO’s can also use the facility in SPARK to operate the module for GPF related applications on behalf of the employees for whom SPARK login is not provided.



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