Instructions for “Individual login to all employees in SPARK”

Individual login to all employees in SPARK – Instructions – Issued as per Circular No. 20/2019/Fin

As per the G.O.(P) No. 138/2016/Fin dated,23.9.2016 (Para i) all employees were given login facility in Spark, during 10th to 20th of every  month to view their pay and other details. Further as per the decision taken in the IFMS review, meeting held on 13.12.2018 it was decided to provide individual login to all employees to view their  e-Service Book and pay and allowance details in Spark at any time.  It was also decided later that the employees may be permitted to register themselves in the system with due verification of Name, Date of Birth, Aadhar Number, Mobile number and e-mail of the employee updated in SPARK and also based on a One Time Password (OTP) sent to their mobile number registered with SPARK.

Accordingly such a facility has been provided in SPARK and all regular employees are informed that those who don’t have any user credentials to SPARK can register online by themselves to get login credentials in SPARK.

The following instructions are also issued in this connection.

  1. If the details are not updated or incorrect in SPARK, then the employee concerned should approach their DDO / Establishment Section to update/correct details in SPARK. No communication in this connection will be entertained by SPARK PMU under any circumstances.
  2. All DDOs and Head of Offices are again directed to update the personal details of all employees, working under their control, in SPARK immediately.
  3. All DDOs / Establishment users/ Head of Offices are directed to ensure the guidelines issued the G.O.(P ) No. 109/2016/Fin dated,29.7.2016 (para iv) while generating PEN or fresh employees. . PEN is to be generated for a new recruit only after confirming that he/she is not having any PEN while working under Aided sector or under some provisional service at different spells in broken periods.
  4. PEN generated for an employee is intended for the entire service of the employee under Government and not to be created as and when employees are transferred to another department. Duplication of PEN for an employee due to creation of new PEN at new station by the DDO/ Establishment User/ Head of Office, ignoring the warning message in SPARK, will be viewed seriously and stringent action will be suggested.
  5. Generation of PEN for temporary employees (other than part time employees) entitled to draw remuneration from “02 wages”  head of account should be avoided and laxity in this regard will be viewed very seriously.
  6. Employees can view their personal details, e-SB, pay and allowance details, salary drawn particulars for a period, AG slip details in case of Gazetted employees etc. using this individual login facility. Any corrections / missed entry in the data, if found, the employees should approach their DDO / Establishment Section / Head of Office for correction / updation of the same in SPARK.
  7. The PEN generation in SPARK will be monitored by SPARK PMU henceforth and the laxity from the part of department officers in creating PEN unnecessarily will be viewed very seriously.


All DDOs / Head of Offices/ Head of Departments are directed to circulate the content of this circular to all the employees under their control promptly and without any delay.