Online Annual Property Statement

Part A: pre-requisites


  • Open your web browser ; (Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer )
  • PDF Reader: Adobe Reader 9.0 (or above version), Foxit Reader should be installed in the system for viewing Acknowledgement generated in PDF format after filing return.


Part B: On-line filing of Property Returns


The login page will appear, see  (Picture- A)

(Picture- A)


  • Type the Permanent Employee Number (PEN) as User code and enter the password. Then click the Sign in


  • Then the password change window (Picture-B) will be appeared.


Enter old Password and the New Password (The password which you used to login). Make sure that the given password should be Alphanumeric (Alphabet and Numbers) having at least 8 characters. Repeat the new password entry in the confirmation column and click the confirm button.


  • After doing the password change spark redirects the user to login page (picture –A) once again. Type the user code and newly created password and click Sign In Then the main page will appear on the screen.                                                                                   (Picture-C) 
    • From “Profile” menu, select “property returns” (Picture-C).
    • The instruction for filing property returns will be displayed on the screen (Picture- D).

    (Picture- D)

    Property returns is a simple 4 step process as mentioned below.


    Step: 1

    Enter part I Details ( Picture E)

    Verify the details displayed and fill up the required column correctly. Click the check box to accept the declaration and click on ‘Confirm’ button to proceed.

    (Picture E)


    Step: 2

    Enter Part II details (Immovable), if applicable (picture F)


    Enter the required details, accept the declaration and click on ‘Confirm’ button to save the details and proceed.


                                                                                      (Picture F)

    Step: 3

    Enter part 3 details (Movable), if applicable


    Enter the details, Accept the declaration and click on ‘Confirm’ button to save the details entered.

    (Picture G)

    Step: 4

    Enter Generate Acknowledgement (Picture F)


    This option helps you to print the acknowledgement for the property returns done. User can edit part I, II, III details before generating acknowledgement. No further Modification is possible after generating acknowledgement.  Filing authority can view the filed details of employees at any time.


                                                                    (Picture –H)


    After using the application don’t forget tosign out.