Pay Revision Arrear Fourth Instalment

SPARK PMU has enabled the option for processing the 4th instalment of Pay Revision arrears as per G.O (P) No. 146/2018/Fin dated 16/09/2016. The 4th instalment of PR arrear amount along with interest @ 7.6% per annum for the period from 01.04.2018 to 30.09.2018 will be paid in cash to the employees. Pending balance dues of previous instalments due to the rounding off figures will also adjusted in 4th PR amount. ‘Exclude employee’ option has facilitated under 4th instalment option to exclude the irregular drawal (excess/short) cases of previous instalments from the current bill. SPARK PMU has also added a provision to update employee’s income tax on PR arrear amount (all instalments) through this fourth instalment option.

Fourth Instalment of Pay revision arrear bill preparation steps are discussed below;

Step1: Encashment Updation

Confirm encashment details of 3rd instalment of PR arrear bill, the DDO can confirm encashment details of the pay revision arrear bills through the option;

Salary matters→Encashment Details

(Select SPARK code of the first processed PR Arrear bill, if it is a reprocessed bill, then select the reprocessed bill and confirm encashment details)

                                                Figure 1: Screen shot of the Encashment Updation page

On updating the encashment details, the 4th instalment bill will be listed in ‘Make bill from payroll’ option also the DDO/head of the institution/Establishment user may able to view the description of schedules in the pay revision arrear bill generation, but bill generation will be possible only after doing “Make bill” option for the 4th  instalment bill. Draft bill generation option is not activated for 4th instalment pay revision arrears, if employees’ previous pay revision instalments up to 3rd instalment of arrears processed correctly through SPARK, then the user may proceed with Make bill option for the 4th instalment.

Step 2: Make 4th instalment of Pay revision Arrear Bill

Accounts→Make Bill from Pay Roll

For generating the 4th instalment bill, please go to AccountsMake Bill from Pay roll option. Encashment updated bills will be listed in ‘Make Bill from Pay roll’ option for doing make bill.

Points to be noted:

  • If Irregular drawal made in previous instalments (either excess drawal or short drawal), such cases have to be excluded from 4th Click the check box seen with employee details to exclude the employee from the bill. On clicking the check box in Exclude employee option, the employees selected will get excluded from the bill, So DDOs should give almost care while processing ‘Exclude Employee’ step.
  • Reprocessed cases will not be listed in Exclude Employee option.
  • Pending balances of the previous instalments due to the rounding off figures will be adjusted from 4th instalment arrear amount.
  • Income tax amount updation option has facilitated in 4th The income tax amount entered through this option will be deducted from employee’s 4th instalment pay revision arrear amount. Income tax amount can be updated for Reprocessed cases also. But excluding not permitted for reprocessed bills. Click ‘Make Bill’ option only after updating the income tax amount for the employees’ whose income tax on PR arrears has to be deducted.
  • Employees who have contributed their 4th instalment pay revision arrear to CMDRF, such employees are exempted from income tax on PR arrear, so for employees who have contributed their 4th instalment to CMDRF, the income tax amount updation column and check box to exclude will be seen as disabled fields.

                                                            Figure 2: Screen shot of the Make bill page

After this, click on “Make bill” button and then you may able to view the links for generating the Bills and Schedules in the ‘Make bill from Pay Roll” option itself,

                                               Figure 3: Screen shot of the Make Bill option with bill generation links

User can also generate the Bills and schedules through the option; Salary Matters Pay revision arrear 2014 bill generation option.



        Figure 4: Pay revision Arrear Bill generation option through Salary Matters→Pay revision 2014 Bill generation option

Bill description seen through Salary Matters Pay revision arrear 2014 bill generation option.

      Figure 5: Pay revision Arrear Bill generation option through Salary Matters Pay revision 2014 Bill generation option (Description wise option)

Step 3: E-submit

Accounts → Bills→ E submit Bill

Being this the  final instalment of Pay revision Arrear,  all DDO are requested to make sure that the Pay revision Arrear 4th instalment is correct in all aspects before e- submission, if any discrepancy found in the bill, that BILL shall not be presented before the treasury officials. E-submission will only be enabled by 20th October 2018.

On passing the 4th instalment PR arrear bills with CMDRF contribution by treasury, the CMDRF contribution amount in the processed bills will be automatically credited to the CMDRF Flood relief fund

Step 4: View bill status

Accounts→ Bills→ View submitted Pay bills

If the bill status seen as treasury objected, then this bill can be cancelled through the option;

Accounts→Cancel bill