Pay Revision Arrear Second Instalment:Reprocessing


Note: Extra care should be taken by the DDO while excluding an employee from the Pay revision Arrear BILL ( Refer para 3 of Circular No. 77/2017/Fin dated 19/10/2017. If excluded and if that bill is e submitted and ENCASHED , then those excluded employees’ 2nd Instalment could not be processed till option for reprocessing is made available in SPARK.

In cases for which, if any pay revision arrear MADE EXCESS DRAWAL / SHORT DRAWAL included in the 1st installment of pay revision arrear bill, earlier SPARK had no option to exclude the error cases and to generate the remaining employee’s 2nd installment pay revision arrears.

Now an option in SPARK has been done to enable the report generation of the 2nd Instalment of Pay revision to those employees, who have correctly taken their 1st instalment of pay revision arrears excluding the erroneous cases.
Second instalment arrear processing steps in this enhanced version are almost same as in the previous version, only added feature in this module is the provision to view employee list in Make bill option for excluding employee’s PENs having errors in the 1st instalment calculations.

Step I: Confirm Encashment details

Salary matters→ Encashment Details
(Enter processed month and year of 1st instalment Pay Revision Arrear and select SPARK code of the first instalment Pay Revision Arrear Bill , confirm the encashment details )
Step II: Check the pay revision arrear second instalment draft bill
Salary Matters→ Pay revision 2014→ Pay revision arrear→ Pay revision Arrear Bill→ (for retired employees, select Pay revision Arrear Bill( Retired ) option)
Step III: Make bill
Accounts→  Bills→ Make bill from Payroll
On selecting the 2nd instalment pay revision arrear Bill from ‘Make Bill from Payroll’ option, the list of employee’s included in the pay revision arrear bill will be displayed on the right side of the screen. By clicking on ‘Exclude selected employee(s)’button(after making employee selection), user can exclude the employees having issues in their 1st pay revision arrear instalment calculations (Figure 1). Then click on ‘Make bill option’ button for doing make bill option for remaining employees 2nd instalment of pay revision arrears.

Figure 1: Make bill option

Step IV: Bill Generation
User can generate 2nd instalment pay revision arrear bills through ‘Make bill ‘option itself. Screenshot of the ‘Make Bill from Payroll’ page after doing make bill for the 2nd instalment of pay revision arrear is shown below (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Bill generation option in ‘Make bill from Payroll’ window

On generating Inner bill, the amount details of excluded employee’s will be shown as struck
out in the bill(Figure 3).

Figure 3: Screen shot of 2nd instalment pay revision arrear inner bill

Step V: E-submit
Accounts→ Bills→ E submit Bill
Step VI: View bill status
Accounts→ Bills→ View submitted Pay bills
If the status of the e-submitted bill seen as treasury objected, then this bill can be cancelled through the option;
Accounts→ Cancel bill