Pay Revision Arrear First Instalment

Pay Revision 2014 Arrear Module

Module for taking Pay revision arrear(7/2014 to 1/2016) of employees has been updated in SPARK for processing vide G. O. (P) No. 7/16/Fin dated 20th January 2016. Employees will be entitled to draw arrears on account of pay revision in four installment, each at 25% of the arrears, in cash on 1/4/2017, 1/10/2017, 1/04/2018 and 01/10/2018 respectively along with the interest on the arrears not drawn as on the above dates at the rate of interest admissible on their Provident Fund (Rate of interest is calculated based on GO (P) No. 11/2017/FIN dated 30/1/2017)

Pay revision arrear can be processed through the option;

Salary Matters –> Pay Revision 2014- -> Pay Revision Arrear
Salary Matters- -> Pay Revision 2014- -> Pay Revision Arrear Retired/Deceased

There are 3 separate windows for processing Pay revision arrears, ie Regular, Retired; Deceased pay revision arrear processing options, in order to process Regular , Retired & Deceased cases respectively.

Checklist to be verified before processing these Pay revision arrears;

  • Service History should be updated correctly
  • Drawn statement for the pay revision period should be there in SPARK
  •   If the employee is on Deputation , the drawn details needs to be updated in SPARK

Pay Revision Arrear Processing Steps:
The inner bill (Due- Drawn Statement) can be generated as a whole. The Outer bill has to be taken for each installment separately.
Step 1: Process Pay revision Arrear
Salary Matters- -> Pay Revision 2014- -> Pay Revision Arrear

Pay Revision Arrear Processing Window

Pay Revision Arrear Processing Window for Retired Employees

Pay Revision Arrear Processing Window for Deceased Employees

Step 2: Check Bills & Schedules to see whether the generated draft bill is correct, inner, outer bills and schedule can be viewed there.
It is the responsibility of the DDO to verify and confirm the details obtained in the Bill in all aspects before presenting the same to treasury
Salary Matters- -> Pay Revision 2014- -> Pay Revision Arrear- ->Pay Revision Arrear

Pay Revision Arrear Bill Generation Page

Pay Revision Arrear Draft inner Bill

Pay Revision Arrear Draft Outer Bill

Pay Revision Arrear Installment Schedule

Pay Revision Arrear: Cancel Processed Arrear page

If the generated bill is found incorrect you can cancel the bill through Salary Matters–>Payrevision 2014- ->Pay revision arrear–> Cancel Pay revision Arrear bill option
Step 3: Make Bill
Accounts–> Bills–> Make bill from Payroll option

Pay Revision Arrear: Make Bill Page

After completing the make bill procedure, you will get the final print with SPARK bill control code , and another code for treasury reference.

Pay Revision Arrear: Final Inner Bill

Pay Revision Arrear: Final Outer Bill

Step 4: E submit the Bill
Accounts–> Bills–>E-Submit Bill

Step 5: View submitted pay bills for viewing the status of the e submitted bill.
Accounts–>Bills–> View Submitted Pay bills

For Queries/Clarification on Pay revision Arrear Processing;
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Forward the mail with subject captioned as “Pay Revision Arrear 2014“. Also specify Employee PEN, and office user code (DDO PEN)