User manual: CMDRF (Flood2018) contribution details

SPARK PMU has updated the CMDRF ( Flood 2018) Contribution details option for donating govt employee’s one month’s gross salary ( amount equivalent to 9/2018 gross salary) to CMDRF fund as per G.O. (P) No.144/2018/Fin dated 11/09/2018.  Using this option the concerned DDO/Head of the Department/Establishment user can facilitate employee contribution equivalent to one month gross salary of September 2018 to CMDRF, and this contribution amount can be recovered from employee’s salary, Leave account, Pay Revision arrear, PF account.  Employees’ CMDRF contribution can be updated through;

Salary matters —>CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details

Figure 1: Screen shot showing CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details option

Payment options facilitated under “CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details” option are as follows;

  1. Salary deduction
  2. 30 days Leave surrender
  3. PR arrear 4th Installment
  4. NRA withdrawal from PF

DDOs should  take utmost care while updating the CMDRF contribution details, preparing the bills and should ensure that proper verification is done which include checking of arithmetic accuracy in each bill generated from SPARK as the accuracy of the processed data depends upon the accuracy of data input by processing officials. Data once updated incorrectly and bills get encashed, this cannot be rectified directly through SPARK PMU. You may refer Circular No. 87/2018/Fin dated, 19/09/2018.

Processing steps:

Go to the option Salary Matters— > CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details

Figure 2: Screen shot of CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details page

Select office, DDO code, Bill type and then click on ‘Click here to get the Employee Details’ button to make the CMDRF deduction updations. On clicking the button a default message will be displayed on the screen, after reading the message click on ‘OK’ button to continue, then user can view the employee list under the selected bill type. All the employees in the selected bill are assumed to contribute the salary of September 2018 towards CMDRF. However, before processing the salary of 9/2018, this can be changed by the DDO, by changing the Willingness (Y/N) or by changing the payment option. After opting the payment type and making the necessary entries, click ‘Update’ button to effect the changes.

In addition to that there is an option to update the employees’ earlier made CMDRF contribution details with reference number (this earlier remitted amount details should be inserted by the DDO only after verifying the receipt produced by the employee), on updating the earlier contributed amount details system will auto calculate the amount payable to CMDRF, deducting the previously given contribution from gross salary of September 2018.

Let us see each payment option in detail;

Figure 3: Payment options in CMDRF ( Flood 2018) contribution details

Salary deduction

If employee wishes to make contribution from salary, choose the payment type as ‘Salary deduction’, make necessary edits/entries (like employee already made any contribution toward CMDRF, user can update the remittance amount details here with its reference details, no of installments can also be edited, default installment number set in the system is 10 installments) and click on ‘update ‘button to reflect the deduction while processing employee’s salary.  if not opted anything system will take default option, payment type as ‘salary deduction’ and ‘Number of installments’ as 10.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Update CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details by selecting payment type as ‘Salary Deduction’ through Salary Matters— > CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details

Step 2: Process Salary Bill

Salary processing can be done through the option; Salary Matters— > Processing— > Salary, and generate the bill, Employees’ contribution amount towards CMDRF will be displayed in the inner and outer bills with respective Treasury codes. Additional Schedule for CMDRF will also be generated along with other schedules.

Figure 4: Bill description

Figure 5: Schedule for CMDRF Flood Relief

Leave surrender:  

If employee opted to contribute 30 days leave surrender to CMDRF, follow the below mentioned procedures.

 Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Choose the payment type as ’30 days leave surrender’

Salary Matters— > CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details

Step 2:  Generate leave surrender order generation

Service Matters—-> Leave/COff/OD Processing—– > Leave surrender Order ( CMDRF)

Employees opted the payment type as ‘30 days leave surrender’ through CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details page, will be listed in “Leave surrender Order (CMDRF)” page for generating leave surrender order .

Figure 6: Option for generating leave surrender order for CMDRF Flood Relief

Step 3: Leave surrender processing through Leave surrender to CMDRF

Service Matters— > Processing—- > Leave surrender to CMDRF

Processing of leave surrender for CMDRF can be done through this option, Employee’s Leave surrender order generated through Leave surrender Order ( CMDRF) will be listed in processing page  ‘Leave surrender to CMDRF’.

Figure 7: Option for processing leave surrender to CMDRF

Figure 8: Screenshot of the ‘Leave surrender to CMDRF’ processing page

If an employee had already encashed a leave surrender in this financial year and this employee has 30 days (or 30 +) EL balance still available in leave account, then this employee can process and contribute that leave surrender to CMDRF.

For Gazetted officers leave surrender processing, leave surrender slip should be updated from Accountant General Office. After slip gets updated from Accountant General office, leave surrender order can be generated and proceed to leave surrender processing procedures as discussed in the previous session. The processed leave surrender bills can be generated through Salary Matters— > Bills & Schedules —- > Leave surrender Bill

Figure 9: ‘Leave surrender to CMDRF’ Bill generating page



Figure 10: ‘Leave surrender to CMDRF’ Bill with watermark CMDRF(Flood 2018)

PR arrear IV inst

4th installment PR arrear can be contributed to CMDRF through SPARK, by selecting the payment type as “ PR-4 Inst + remaining from salary”. In this case, 4th installment of pay revision arrear alone may not meet employee’s one month gross salary, so on opting this option, system will display the 4th installment PR arrear amount (including  interest amount ) in  “Amount remitted/ PR-4 Inst proposed” column and reference no column will be filled with text “ PR-IV Inst”. Also system will deduct the 4th installment pay revision arrear amount from employee’s Sept 2018 gross salary and this total amount payable will be shown in the corresponding column. Here also user can edit the no of installments or system will update the details with default option as 10 installments.  Salary deduction toward this will be started from Sept 2018 and The PR amt will be credited to CMDRF only at time of e-submission of 4th installment of PR arrear bills. .

This option cannot be used for employees,  who haven’t encashed the I,II, & IIIrd installments of Pay revision arrears  yet and user should avoid cases of  excess or short  withdrawal issues happened in previous Pay revision arrear installments. In case of an employee with part salary / or any salary affecting leave like HPL / LWA etc., or on Suspension, the decision on the deduction is to be taken by the concerned DDO with the approval of their Controlling officer.

NRA Withdrawal from PF

If employee wishes to make contribution from PF account, then user can choose payment type as ‘NRA withdrawal from PF, and can update the same through the option CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1: Choose payment type as ‘NRA withdrawal from PF and update the same using the option; Salary Matters— > CMDRF (Flood 2018) contribution details

Step 2: Claim entry  (Accounts— > Claim entry option, select the nature of claim as PF NRA withdrawal to CMDRF, Sanction order from Accountant General office is needed for processing this claim) ——–> Claim approval——– >Make Bill—- > E-submit. (Claim amount details will be displayed in the respective claim entry columns, only if PF sanction order slip from AG gets updated in SPARK, user can check sanction order details through Accounts—> View PF sanction order from AG.

Figure 11: Screenshot of Claim entry page showing the nature of Claim selected as  “ PF NRA Withdrawal to CMDRF

Figure 12: Screen shot of   “PF NRA Withdrawal to CMDRF’ claim entry page

The ‘Leave surrender to CMDRF’ bills and ‘PF NRA withdrawal to CMDRF’ claim bills will be generated with watermark “CMDRF (Flood 2018).   On passing the bills with CMDRF contribution by treasury, the entire CMDRF amount in the processed bills will be automatically credited to the CMRF Flood relief account.