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    Software update  05/08/2016

    1. Rectified the change approving authority ->  on selecting an order no. employees not listed correctly.

    2. Corrected generation of approved increment order

    3. PF is deducted while taking salary arrear for retired employees.

    4. Mistake in HRA ,CCA  due while processing salary arrear.

    5. Slabs and rates -> Professional tax - pagination problem corrected.

    6. Unable to modify the presentsalarydetails for Gazetted employees having DDO access.

    7. Facility to enter zero bill for Medical reimbursment/ Interest Free Medical advance settlement bill

    8. Facility to display payscale in Present Service Details of DDO user

    9. Claim approval by DDO -> Edition blocked for higher amount.
+ July 2016 - July 2016

    Software update 27/07/2016

    1. Present Salary - if an employee is gazetted then he can be asssigned a gazetted bill type only.

    2. An employee's service category cannot be changed from Gazetted to Non-Gazetted

    3. Form 24 Q modified

    Software update 27/07/2016

    1. While processing salary arrear for the locking periods (Pay Revision Periods) HRA CCA drawn figures coming incorrectly due side in some cases other than  joining month values coming incorrectly.

    2. Co-operative recovery - unable to close recovery details

    3. error message while trying to open the outer of salary arrear bill (retired employee)

    4. claim entry (relieved employees) - while selecting the entered claims, details not showing up.

    5. DA due mistake during DA overlapping period for employees (state subordinate to ugc category change) while processing salary arrrear

    6. Unable to generate bank statement for FBS claim

    7. Form 16 incorrect tax payable amount

    8. Promotion and transfer during the same month. LPC generation - old basic was coming

    9. Terminal surrender arrear - HRA and CCA for Gazetted employees to be taken from the slip

    10. Slip check for Terminal surrender arrear

    11. Gazetted employees not to be listed for increment sanctioning

    12. Increment amount is shown incorrect while approving increment of aided school employees by AEO

    13. Request no. not generating while processing salary of aided employees

    14. DA arrear - retired employees - DA order to be shown from DA-retire - handled in processing also.

    15. Web service for VISWAS-SPARK integration

    Software update 24/07/2016

    1. Request of employees belonging to sub offices not listing for approval by DDO

    2. Salary arrear cancellation failed (before 2011)

    3. In PBR arrear entries not coming

    4. Not able to cancel merged DA arrear

    5. Salary processing - ag slip not not found message for suspension period

    6. MR claim - refund details

    7. salary arrear after fixation in case of employees who had personal pay / stagnation increment previously   - water mark error

    8. Salary arrear - amount going to PF in case of leave surrender entry alone

    9. Order not listing for processing DA arrear - relieved employees   

    Software update 21/07/2016

    1. AG slip for the retired employees can now be viewed for the MTS.

    2. A confirmation message added while changing DDO.

    3. Bank statement in case of salary arrear -> menu coming twice, removed a menu

    4. Leave surrender details not coming in drawn salary details (both for MTs and DDO login) - resolved

    5. Claim entry - Relieved employees - unexpected event occured while making a bill (resolved)

    6. Claim entry - Relieved employee - not listing

    7. Surrender allowance not seen in ag slip

    8.  DA arrear relieved employee option - in case of Re-employed employee da due is incorrect due during the relieved month. 

    Software update 20/07/2016

    1. Unable to open outer bill of salary arrear - retired employee

    2. claim approval -relieved employees unexpected event occurred

    3. Asking for encashment of a bill while fixing pay of gazetted officer

    4. Error water mark in salary bill

    5. While processing salary, AG Slip and allowance mismatch

    6. Terminal surrender arrear bills not listing for e-submission

    7. Error while processing excess pay

    Software update 18/07/2016

    1. Error reported in LPC generation

    2. Salary arrear processing - a portion of the arrear is going to PF, which is not needed

    3. Leave surrender due DA mistake while processing DA arrear

    4. Salary arrear - retired employees - error while sending a request for those whose retirement marked in between a month.

    Software update 16/07/2016

    1. Claims not listing for approval

    2. Name, designation etc., not printed on the LPC generated for promoted employees.

    Software update 15/07/2016

    1. Training user of IMG - unable to enter training details of employees who had attended a training

    2. Salary arrear processing - da due mistake

    3. Error in LPC generation.

    Software update 13/07/2016

    1. Terminal surrender arrear processing

    2. 'DEPQ' privileged user promoted to same office losing their DEPQ privilege has been corrected

    3. Changes in the month -> deductions -> edit deductions (This menu has been removed as per request)

    4. DA Arrear for Retired NGO  Employees page heading changed as DA Arrear for Retired Employees

    5. incometax calculation -> all employees (NGO) menu  changed as  -> all employees

    6. incometax calculation -> individual (NGO) menu  changed as  -> individual

    7. In the interface for marking retirement, a message given, like 'salary cannot be processed if retirement is marked'. district search option has been removed.

    Software update 01/07/2016

    1. No valid basic - while processing terminal surrender

    2. Allowance amount (taken as arrear) not coming in salary certificate

    3. PF claim bill - expenditure till date is showing

    4. Claims are listing for all ddo's for approval when an office has more then one ddo eg GAD

    5. one rupee variation in da due while taking salary arrear

    6. issue in DA arrear (shows hra amount also in diesnon due for an employee who availed quarters )

    7. Leave surrender processed with errors for those categories not elgible for DA


+ June 2016 - June 2016

    Software update 29/06/2016

    1. Wrong due Da percentage reported in Salary arrear processing.

    2. showing wrong amount in co-op recovery

    Software update 27/06/2016

    1. Issues w.r.t transfer, releiving, joining, edit releived employee, promotion order etc.,

    2. While relieving an employee using appointment to higher post, basic pay and next increment date is changed before joining.

    Software update 25/06/2016  3.20 pm

    Resolved the below issue reported in DA arrear processing

    1. Negative DA arrear for revised employees in the revised period.

    2. DA due mistake while processing Salary arrear.

    3. Error while e submitting other allowances

    4. zero slip for a day and regular slip from the next day, while processing salary - full salary is coming handled this in salary processing.

    5. e-submission of other allowance

    6. Subsistance Allowance slip checking  done in  Subsistance Allowance salaryprocessing

    Software update 23/06/2016 5.10 pm

    Pls note that the following issues reported have been resolved.

    1. Error in computation of Terminal Surrender amount.

    2. Incorrect DDO code in the chalan generated while refunding salary.

    3. Mistake in total expenditure amount in non-salary bills.

    4. While processing DA arrear, error bill is generated for NGO to SDO employees.

    5. Error bill while processing DA arrear for taking surrender arrear only.

    Software update  22/06/2016  4.00 pm

    1. Conveyance allowance processing enabled.

    2. Provision to enter the no. of days while adding a manual surrender slip by MTs

    Also the following issues reported have been resolved.

    1. Agallowance mismatch error reported while processing salary.

    2. Pay fixation problem reported for expired cases

    3. Report Generation Failed while generating LPC

    5. Unexpected error occurred in claim approval page for TA Tour bill

    6. Rejected bills were listed for make bill in claim

    7. Provision to enter the no. of days while adding a manual surrender slip by MTs

    Software update  18.06.2016 2.55 pm

    1. da due percentage is wrong in salary arrear for overlapping period when only one da aarrear was taken

    2. arrear to pf amount is incorrect in surrender arrear of salary arrear

    Software update 16/6/2016 1.45 pm

    1. Salary arrear processing before 2/2011 enabled.

    2. While processing salary arrear, if an error occurs for an employee he

    will exempted from processing and arrear for the rest of the employees will be processed.

    Also, the following issues have been resolved.

    1.  DA due wrong in surrender arrear for Re-employed employees.

    2.  Rounding issue in arrear to pf in Salary  arrear.

    3.  Salary arrear drawn amount mistake while processing salary arrear through relieved employee option

    4.  Amount mistake while processing terminal Surrender (retired before 01/07/2014)

    5.  Error in salary refund

    6.  Balance available in head of account not changing in bills (other than salary/arrear) like MR etc.,

    7.  Error report watermark in Outer bill of salary arrear relieved employees

    8. While processing DA arrear , mistake in DA due for the employees having HPL .

    9.  Unable to save employee details using Pay revision editing.

    10. Allowances not shown properly while selecting a manual slip.

    11. Multiple month entry in TA tour (Final) claim

    Software update 16/06/2016

    1. Updation of bank details - retired employees

        Menu is Salary arrear -> salary arrear (retired employees)->edit present salary

    2. Unable to open bank statement

    Software update 14/06/2016

    The following issues have been resolved in the SPARK

    1. Gazetted employees not listed for generating form 16.

    2. Invalid basic reported in Terminal Surrender processing

    3. Salary arrear -> retired employees -> enabled the blocking period 01/07/2014 to 31/01/2016

    4. exception reported in process increment

    5. relieving and joining in AN to be restricted (join on transfer as well as promotion)

    6. In DA arrear processing, drawn allowance in leave surrender not taken for DA due calculation.

    Software update 10/06/2016

    1. Issues reported to Terminal surrender processing

    2. Unable to save LPC entry.

    3. leave surrender slip not visible in agslip view page of Gazatted officers and DDO

    4. Incorrect HRA due in Salary arrear of leave surrender.

    5. In payfixation on promotion, instead of lastchangedate    date of promotion is shown

    6. Negative DA arrear for employees with servicecategory 'O'(OnConsolidatedPay DA)

    7. In DA arrear outer bill, dies non amount is not coming.

    8. In Salary Outer bill, in the payable amount shown in words, merged DA arrear amount is not adding up

    9. When a new slip comes after a zero slip during a month, and salary for the whole month is processed,
    salary upto the previous day of the zero slip is calculated in SPARK.

    10. E-submission of bills prepared before 12/2015 is not allowing.

    Software update 08/06/2016

    1. Invalid AG slip while processing salary

    2. C-operative recovery recovering only in the first month only while processing salary as multiple month

    3. Report Generation Failed while opening DA Arrear outer bill of retried employees

    4. Mistake in basicpay while taking LPC for promoted employees (same office)

    Software update 07/06/2016

    1. Report Generation Failed while opening salary Arrear inner bill of  employees who take arrear for
    more than one year as a single bill.

    2. Issue reported in salary bill - a designation repeating in every page

    3. Salary processing of transferred employees showing errors

    Software update 06/06/2016

    1. Terminal Surrender  (In case of employees under All India Service, if the EL balance is less than 300 days,

        for the rest of the days HPL also can be surrendered.)

    2. Deduction to PF showing '0' in salary arrear bill after 7/2014

    3. Special pay amount  not coming in the drawn part of surrender in salary arrear

    4. Incorrect increment Amount while Processing increment Process for Revised Employee (Aided school)

    5. In case of increment and hpl during the same period, incremented basic is not coming while processing salary

    6. Report Generation Failed while opening DA Arrier outer bill of retried employees

    Software update 04/06/2016

    1. LPC entry .
    2. Stagnation increment amount wrong while processing increment sanction.

    3. Correction in LTC processing of gazetted employees.

    Software update 03/06/2016

     The following Software Bugs are rectified:

    1. Employee not listing in LPC entry .

    2. Employee not listing in remove allowance from all .

    3. Message shown while salary processing  'AG slip is invalid for the employee for the current Office/Designation/Pay'

    4. Cannot esubmit EAP bill.

    5. DA due amount in surrender incorrect while processing DA arrear.

    6. In Salary arrear, due HRA amount incorrect incase of employee in working arrangement.

    Last Software Updates

    1.Provision for entering Leave surrender sanction details in the manually drawn interface has been removed.Sanction details need to be entered through the option available in the leave surrender menu.After entering the sanction details, surrender may be processed thru SPARK or entered manually through the manually drawn option.

    2.we have enabled the facility to enter Recruitment details, Probation details and Regularization details for SDOs under the menu : Salary Matters---> Profile for 'DES' privileged SDOs.
    and  Profile/Admin for only 'S' privileged SDOs.

+ 2015 - 2015

    Last Software Updates

    1.Provision for entering Leave surrender sanction details in the manually drawn interface has been removed.Sanction details need to be entered through the option available in the leave surrender menu.After entering the sanction details, surrender may be processed thru SPARK or entered manually through the manually drawn option.

    2.we have enabled the facility to enter Recruitment details, Probation details and Regularization details for SDOs under the menu : Salary Matters---> Profile for 'DES' privileged SDOs.
    and  Profile/Admin for only 'S' privileged SDOs.

    Software Updates Till 21st February 2015

    1. NPS arrear Chalan Generation (for NPS NPS Arrear Backlog - one time payment)Service Matters -> New Pension Scheme -> Generate Chalan for NPS Arrear

    Service Matters -> New Pension Scheme -> Update Remittence details (for Master Trainers  to update the payment details in SPARK )Master Trainers are requested to update the details only after receiving the scanned copy of the chalan remitted at Treasury.

    2.  NPS Arrear repayment as EMI (amount has to be entered first to recover as EMI from salary similar to loan entry) For this, loancodes 388 and 392 need to be added first.

    menu for SDOs    :         Salary matters-> SDO Salary-> NPS Arrear Recovery

    menu for NGOs    :        Salary matters-> Changes in the month-> NPS Arrear Recovery

    Once the NPS arrear backlog amount starts recovering from the salary, NPS arrear schedule can be generated from spark for both NGO as well as SDO.

    Click here to Download NPS Arrear User Manual

    3. Dies non entry for SDOs 

    Salary matters-> SDO Salary -> Dies Non

    Software Updates on 21st February 2015 05:00PM.

    Whenever the name of an office is changed, it has to be made through the menu Administration -> Office Name change.A history of office name changes will be maintained if done so. And through the code master menu, office name cannot be changed now

+ 2014 - 2014

    Software Updates on 19th December 2014 05:00PM

    Under Administration menu two new options are provided.

    1. HRA Class changes
    2. CCA class changes

    Whenever the hra/cca class of an office is changed, the new effective date has to be entered through this option
    so that the old details will be maintained in history. This option is now given for 'U' or 'C' privileged users.

    HRA computation based on this is handled in NGO Salary processing also now.

    Software Updates on 8th December 2014 05:00PM

    Multiple month salary processing is enabled in SPARK


    Software Updates on 4th December 2014 05:00PM

    In the case of aided schools, Revert relieving option is now available only for the AEO

    Software Updates on 5th December 2014 05:00PM

    The following changes have been made in SPARK.
    When an employee is transferred, there are lot of cases (mostly in aided schools) wherein the 'transfer to' department/office is chosen wrongly. The AEO also approves the same without noticing the mistake. In such cases, an option is provided under the menu
    Service matters -> Transfer -> Edit relieving details to change the destination department/office of an employee in TRANSIT.
    The option is given to the 'E' user as well as for AEO in case of aided schools.
+ 2013 - 2013

    Software Updates on 25th December 2013 05:00PM

    1. Rectified the problem in leave Surrender processing for re-employed employee.

    2. Rectified the problem of Co-operative Recovery in Salary Processing

    3. Rectified the problem in personal details for UGC (Aided College)

    4.Rectified the problem in view status for e-submitted bills.

    5.Rectified the problem in Encashment updation ( for bill passed from treasury)

    Software Updates On 17th December 2013 01:00PM

    1.Rectified the problem related with HPL of SDO with the Basic 18740.

    2. Checking of encashment details in  Salary Processing is modified.

    3.Rectified the problem in displaying number of days in Leave Application for NGO

    Software Updates On  13th December 2013 01:00PM 

    1. Provision to Take Salary in Advance for the month of December

     2.Provision to Cancel  Forwarded Details

             (i) This option is for Cancelling the forwarded details of aided schools (in Increment sanction,Promotion and Transfer) which are not approved by AEO/DEO                , if needed.

    3. Provision to Reject Forwarded Details 

            (i) This option is for rejecting  the forwarded details of aided schools(in Increment sanction,Promotion and Transfer)   by AEO/DEO, if needed.

    4. Place and Date is added in both SDO and NGO all schedules and bills.

    5.Provision to Search Office in transfer of  SDO is added.

    6. Search Button is added  while selecting the office in the Transfer Order.

    7. The Authentication is done in outer bill of Part time employees .

    8. The period in outer bill of Part Salary is modified in case of Single Employee. 

     Software Updates On 06th December 2013 05:00PM 

    1.Rounding of DA calculation is made while Salary Processing

    2.Cancelled bills are avoided from E-submission and resubmit of bills in Accounts module

    Software Updates On 04th December 2013 05:00PM 

    1. Provision is added to check whether the employee is authenticated or not while Salary processing(aided schools)

    2. Provision is added to authenticate digitally at the time of editing basic through Pay Revision

    Software Updates on 17th October 2013 05:00PM 

    1. Provision to view property filed details for the year before 2011.

    2. Checking Service history records for past month salary processing has been corrected.

    3. E-submission module has been fine tuned.

    Software Updates on  04th October 2013 05:00PM 

    1.  Part salary  entry Privilege for Master Trainers

    2.  LPC paid upto  date issue has been cleared.

    3.  In Join on Transfer employees relieved to Sub office also listed for controling office

    4.  Part salary updation issue during Promotion has been cleared.

    5.  Blocking the relieving on transfer for employees whose salary has been processed using LWA

    6.  Farm laber outer bill generation in contigent bill format.

    7.  PAN checking while salary ptocessing for SDO's.

    8.  Blocked processed leave details updation/deletion.

    Software Updates On 25th September 2013 05:00PM 

    1. SDO encashment details updation issues cleared

    2. cancel encashment has been enabled for all bills for MT

    3. loading pfaccno while updation PF loan

    4. provision to show Basic less Salary Advance in bills

    5. provision to cancel Objected bill has been added.

    6. bills modified by deducting salary advance from basic


    Software Updates On 6th September 2013 05:00 PM

    1. Advance Salary Processing

    Government have enhanced the limit of advance of pay and allowances that can be drawn in the context of ONAM festival to 50%. 

    Menu for NGO: Salary Matters--> Processing-->Advance Salary-->Advance Salary Processing

    Menu for SDO: Salary --> Advance Salary Processing-->Advance Salary Processing

    2. Cancel Adv. Salary processing

    Menu  for NGO: Salary Matters-->Processing-->Advance Salary-->Cancel Advance Salary Processing

    Menu for SDO: Salary --> Advance Salary Processing-->Cansel Advance Salary Processing

    3. Adv. Salary bills

    Menu for NGO-->Salary Matters-->Bills and Schedules-->Advance Salary-->Advance Salary Bill

    Menu for SDO: Salary --> Bills and Schedules-->Advance Salary Bill

       Inner-outer- Bank Statement Shows there

    4.Advance Salary Aquitance

    Menu for NGO-->Salary Matters-->Bills and Schedules-->Advance Salary-->Advance Salary Acquitance

    5. Bonus bank Statement- Festival Allowance Bank Statement- Festival Advance Bank Statement

    These bank statements included with the bills

    Software Updates On 20th August 2013 05:00 PM

    1. Modules related to Treasury-SPARK integration has been added.

       Accounts -> initialisation ->  bill class

                                           ->  bill type

                                           ->  Head code

       Accounts -> Bills            ->  Make bill from payroll

                                           ->  E-submit bills

                                           ->  View Submitted Bills

    *Note: This is only for DDO's whose treassury has been enabled for Treasury-SPARK integration.

    2. Modules related to Aided school/AEO-DEO salary processing.

       For Aided Schools :

       Administration     -> New Employee

       Service Matters   -> Increment Sanction

                                -> Promotion

                                -> Transfer -> Relieving on Transfer

                                -> Transfer -> Join on Transfer

                                -> Leave -> Leave application

    *Note: This is only for Aided Schools. Pen creation, Increment sanction, Transfer, Leave  are Authenticated to AEO/DEO offices. All changes will effect only after the Authentication of AEO/DEO office.

       Salary matters         -> Monthly salary

       For AEO/DEO  :

       Service matters        -> Authentication -> Employee Enrolment

                                                -> Entitlement Authentication

                                                -> Increment Sanction

                                                -> Promotion

                                                -> Relieve on Transfer

                                                -> Join on Transfer

                                                -> Leave

                                                -> Santioned Post

    *Note: This is only for AEO/DEO Offices. it is enabled/working through with DSC tocken. AEO/DEO can authenticate Pen creation,Increment sanction,Transfer,Leave etc. through this menu

    3. New form 'Revert Relieving on transfer' has been added

       Service Matters   -> Transfer -> Revert Relieving on Transfer

    Note : we can revert back the wrongly transfered employee to parent office

    4. Leave availed form has been changed as Leave applcation and leave History

    5. Conditional Menu has been introduced based on the authorisation of the login.

    6. Bank Statement for Arrear and Leave Surrender

    Software Updates On 27th July 2013 05:00PM

    1. While doing relieve on Transfer, the employees service history, present salary details and present service details are

        set to unlock.

    2. Increment sanctioning modified as designation wise and bill wise for controlling office and salary office to do increment sanction.

    3. While changing name in employees personneldetails, the same gets updated in userlist also. This

        required for rectifying name mismatch with DSC.

    4. The allowances 4a, 4b from allowance list and onam advance from loanmaster are disabled since these code are not live.

    5. Problem with leave surrender bill on contigent format has been cleared.

    6. Employees whose salary credited to bank has been removed from aquittance

    Software Updates On 12th July 2013 05:00PM

    1. Hill Tract Allowance during Suspension is rectified
    2. While calculating DA on HPL, AGP, GP, DP also considering for checking the condition 18740 in salary/DA arrear processing.
    3. Editing the SDO details from ddo menu has been blocked in the following forms
        Dies non
        Edit employee details
        Leavesurrender sanction
        Suppress loans
        Income tax
        Present salary details

    4.  Issue reported on arrear provident fundcontribution is truncating the decimal part has been rectified.

    5.  issue reported like locked loans cannot closed has been cleared

    Software Updates on 15th June 2013 04:00PM

    1. Provision to identify whether the data is locked or not by placing locked/unlocked

        image at the top   of the corresponding pages.

    2. Provision to enable delete/modify those AG slip which are not used for salary

        processing/Arrear processing.

    3. Provision to View the following pages to Master Trainers. Office name search fecility also added.

             A. Allowance Changes B. Part Salary Status C. Leave Account

    4. New user creation limited to 'S' and 'I' for DMUs.

    5. Provision to take LPC multiple times. PEN number also added in the LPC.

    6. Provision to check the correctness of the bill submitted to treasury by the treasury officals

        by inputting the SPARK code. Provision for generating corresponding bills also added.

    7. Digital Signature Enabled login has been enabled for those having DSC. Provision for digitally

        authenticating the enttitlement details of aided schools employees by respective AEO/DEO has 

        been added


    Software Update 06th June 2013 12:00PM

    1. As per the direction given in Govt Circular No.66-2012-Fin dated 15-11-2012,the preset privilages given to Accounts and Establishment clerks or such support staff as establishment and DDO users will be withdrawn without prior notice..please downloadForm No.3 and send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    2.A New Service category "Farm labourer" is added in SPARK

    Software Update 27th May 2013 5:00PM

    1. Option for Setting Controlling officers Menu has been removed,now the controlling officers  set by SPARK Help Desk

    2. Provision to View Part Salary details for Master  Trainers Through Service matters-->Part Salary Status

    3. Provision to View Allowance changes for Master Trainers through Salary Matters-->Changes in the month-->Allowance History



+ 2012 - 2012

    Software Update 10th  February 2012 5:00PM


    Online Transfer request for doctors under DME/DHS has been added in employee interface of SPARK under the following menu.

    Profile->Employee Transfer (Health).



+ 2011 - 2011
    • HRA CCA slabs based on Pay Revision 2009 has been updated for the service Category UGC Pre revised, UGC AICTE Meducal Education and Judicial Services
    • Leave Entry Correction for NGO and SDO has been done
    • Professional Tax moules has been fine tuned
    • New form for viewing DMU details has been added Queries ---> SPARK DMU Details
    • Designations form has  been modified with the provision to view/modify the corresponding
      old pay scale for that designation before pay revision.
    • New provision to download bigger bills of POLICE DEPARTMENT, which takes more time to
      download or getting timed out before completion, using a link in 'bills and schedule' page 
      so that the generated inner bills can be downloaded any time later.
    • In Pay Revision Arrear Processing of SDO, fromdate editing has been enabled with
      validation for pay revision effective date.
    • In employee interface, provision for SDOS' to edit their personal details has been enabled.
    • In queries, access permission has been given for Establishment(E) for Employee Search
    • Provision to view Drawn Salary details has been added for SDOS'
    • Correction in Promotion and Transfer module for those employees who has been promoted from Non Gazetted officers to Gazetted Officers so that the Self Drawing employees could process their salary separately
    • Self Drawing Officers Part Salary enabled in Present Salary Details by which SDOs could process Part salary from Both the offices
    • Manually Drawn ---> Leave Surrender Arrear Entry enabled
    • PF Query----> Included DA Arrear transferred to PF and Pay revision Arrear transferred to PF
    • Self Drawing Officers module for Pay revision Editing has been added
    • Employees in Working Arrangement for Self Drawing officers[SDO] has been incorporated
    • Pay revision Arrrear Statement for NGOs has been corrected
    • Option for changing the employees from  Revised to Pre Revised in Salary Matters--> Pay Revision --> Pay revision Editing
    • Salary processing for High Court employees whose pay is not revised
    • Pay revision Arrear DA rate correction
    • Pay revision Arrear Surrender Correction
    • Fine Tuning of SDO Salary--> Present salary details
    • Employees in Working Arrangement has been corrected by Disabling CCA
      Software Update 19th May 2011
    • Pay Revision Arrear processing, Arrear bill, PF schedules are added.

    • Modifications reported in the payfixation module in  increament date, completed years has been corrected.

    • HRA & CCA of SDO in pre-revised scale issue has been modified

    • Arrear processing has been modified with history tables splitting.

    • Removed transfer modules and increment sanction module for SDOs and these changes are updated through Service history editing.

    • New form for employees in working arrangement has added.

    • The necessory modifications done in Salary processing, Arrear processing, Leave surrender processing modules.

    • Modifcation for the incoporporation of the HRA city class change in salary processing, arrear processing modules.

    • State emblem has been removed conditionally.
    • Bonus and festival advance processing in WIndows service.
    • Provision for editing SDO details in the presentsalarydetails of SDO
    • In the case of new data entry, provision to select the scale type(revised/pre-revised) in present salary details page.This Option is only for employees who have not processed salary using SPARK or Processing Salary for the first time
    • Problem reported in calculation of HRA/CCA in the part salary case has been solved 
    • Join on Transfer error corrected
    • Increment date Correction In Pay revision Module
    • The Increment, Transfer , Promotion has been corrected with the option to accept both Pre Revised and Basic Pay and Designation
    • The Present  Salary NGO and SDO has been corrected
    • In the Case of SDO the Increment, Transfer Promotion etc has been removed
    • The option of Service History edition has been provided for Self Drawing officers
    • In future all the Increment, Promotion, Transfer etc could be done using the service history edition.
    • The Surrender for NGO and SDO has been corrected
    • The Pay Revision Edition access has been provided to Establishment seat(E Access),  and Drawing and Disbursing Officers (D Access) Employees.
    • In the case of SDOs the HRA and CCA in prerevised rates will be provided to them. The same will be availble till AG Slip is receveid and when updated in SPARK using the Module SDO Salary--> Pay revision Editing for SDO.
    • The list consists of Designation, Revised and Pre-revised Scales, Name of the employee, PEN, Dept General No,etc.

    • Establishment seat(E Access), Department Management User(DMU) (M Access) and Drawing and Disbursing Officers (D Access) can view this.

    • Please check and verify whether the designation shown is in the correct Scale of Pay(Revised and Pre-revised).

    • If any discrepancy is noticed in the details shown, kindly report this to the concerned DMU for rectification before proceeding further. Please mail the details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it also under the subject "PR 2009".

    • The fixation details will be computed by the system and then Pay Fixation Statement can be generated by clicking on the button “Pay Fixation Statement”. 

    • If the Pay fixation Statement is found correct then Update the details into SPARK database by clicking on the “Update” button 

    • If any discrepancy is found please do not update it to SPARK database and inform to SPARK PMU by email to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it under the subject "PR 2009". 

    • If any corrections are required after pay fixation, the same can be edited using the “Pay Fixation editing” module. 

    • Those employees whose pay is not fixed in the Revised scale, their Salary will be processed based on Revised HRA and CCA (Vide para 31(page 9) of Pay Revision Order) 

    • Please verify and ensure that the service history, allowances history, present salary details etc are updated correctly using the “Pay Revision editing” Menu. 

    • Please Update all regular promotions, grade promotions, transfers, annual increments etc ordered till date in the Service History Menu 

    • In order to process Pay Revision Arrears , Salary processing from 07/2009 onwards should be done without fail 

    • Automated calculation has been added in SPARK by w
    • hich Gross and Net salary can be seen without processing the salary bill.
    • Future Salary processng is Blocked.
    • Salary processing can be done only after encashment details are updated for the previous month.
    • Arrear proceesing could be done only after updating the encahsment details of the concerned months.
    • In Encashment details menu, provision for noting  "Bill No" is added for future refernce.
    • HRA,CCA,DA,Accadamic Grade Pay(AGP),GradePay(GP), Transport Allwonace, Dearness pay will be displayed automatically.
    • The allowance amount of NPA with DA and Patient Care Allowance will be added automaticlly on selection of Allowances in the present slalry module  for NGOs and SDOs.
    • Implementation Status Report to DMUs.
    • Employee Search Menu is activated in all Departments.
    • Cooperative Recovery Bill details report corrected.
    • TAN Number added.Can forward the TAN number of office for correction if needed.
    • Treasury Savings Bank (TSB) A/C.No: adding for SDOs. This could be updated using the present salary module in the SDO Menu.
    • Present salary editing has been disabled from Edit Employee record and also by DMUs.
    • Present salary details could be editted using Establishment Access  for NGOs from the Menu- Salary matters --> Changes in the month --> Present salary.
    • In the case of SDOs the present salary could be updated using Present salary option in the SDO Menu.
    • In Drawn Salary details, "Processed by" and "Processed on" added
  • Software Update 18th November 2011 10.30AM

    The enhanced DA @ 7% sanctioned in GO(P) No.535/2011/Fin Dtd:-14-11-2011 to Non Gazetted Employees, Gazetted Employees and those coming under UGC, AICTE and Medical Education has been updated in SPARK.

    Software Update 15th November 2011 05.30PM

    Provision for Kerala Panchayat EPF subscription, Loan and generation of EPF Chellan has been added in SPARK


    Software Update 2nd November 2011 11:30AM

    A new module  based on Accountant General's Pay Slip has been uploaded in the SPARK software. Kindly offer your comments/suggestions through e- mail.


    Software Update 10th October 2011 11:15AM

    Provision for DDO to assign HRA/CCA for employees in working arrangement.

    In case of HRA, there are two options. Either HRA from office in working arrangement or from parent office.

    In case of CCA, DDO can assign CCA from office in working arrangement, from parent office or no CCA at all.


    Software Update 22nd September 2011 17.00 PM

    In Salary Matters---> Changes in the month---->Deduction--->Edit Deductions Scale of Pay and Basic pay has been added to assist users on editing the Group Insurance Subscription of Individual Employees


    Software Update 22nd September 2011

    New form for editing the Group Insurance Subscription details is given under the Menu  Salary Matters---> Changes in the month---->Deduction--->Edit Deductions

    Use the above option is SPARK for enhancing the Group Insurance Subscription of Employees as ordered in GO(P)No.381/2011/ Fin  Dated 06/09/2011.

    Note: 20th September 2011

    It is seen that some of the SPARK users are using 

    Salary Matters---> Changes in the month---->Deduction---> Del Deduction from all

    option for removing and then Add Deduction to all for adding the enhanced Group Insurance Subscription(GIS) as per GO(P)No.381/2011/ Fin  Dated 06/09/2011.

    Warning: If the above option is used to Remove a Deduction the account number will also be removed which could not be retrieved.

    Users are requested to Edit each employees, Group Insurance Subscription individually


    Software update 20th September 2011

    A new Service category "On Consolidated Pay DA". The above service category has been added for the use of designation like Yoga Instructor, Tissue Culture Tech, A/C Mech etc where Dearness Allowance is applicable for the employees whonhave Conso;lidated Pay

    In the case of the above mentioned employees the Service Category may be selected as above for getting Dearness Allowance

    Software Update 31st August 2011

    Special Festival Allowance and Bonus calculation has been corrected by including Special Allowances like Police Special Allowance, Prisons Special Allowance, Excise Special Allowance etc

    Bill not seen cases for SDOs Festival Advance has been corrected

    Order number has been inserted in Festival Advance Outer Bill of NGOs and SDOs

    Festival Allowance Acquittnace has been changed so as to take print out in Landscape format

    Software Update 31st August 2011

    The Festival Advance screen has been changed to accomodate denomination of Rs.100. This will help in Part time employees to take Festival Advance using SPARK


    Software Updaate 29th August 2011

    Bonus / Festival Allowance Slab has been updated in SPARK as per GO(P) No. 370 / 2011/Fin Dated 27/08/2011.

    Non Gazetted Employees

    Pre Revised

    Basic Pay as on 31st March 2010

    Emoluments: Basic Pay + DA @ 106 % + Allowances as per the GO 

    6 months continuous Service before 31st March 2011



    Basic Pay as on 31st March 2011

    Emoluments : Basic Pay + DA @ 24 % + Allowances as per the GO

    6 months continuous Service before 31st March 2011

    A record in Service History covering 31st March 2011 is essential as software is not in position to identify whther the employee is in revised scale on 31st March 2011.

    Note: The list of eligible Employees in Bonus and Festival Allowance will only be listed in the Screen

    In the case of Self Drawing Officers the Special Festival Advance and Festival Allowance NO conditions are checked

    Software Update 19th August 2011



    Software Update 10th August 2011

     Software update 15 th July 2011


     Software Update 24th June 2011

    Pay revision Arrear for SDO and its schedules has been updated in SPARK

     Software update 22nd June 2011


    'Capctha' has been incorporated in SPARK software for security purpose

    Software Update 13th June 2011

    In the Manually drawn screen the option to enter the details of Leave surrender is incorporated. This will help to generate the correct DA Arrear and Pay revision Arrear - Due Drawn Statement involving Leave Surrender which are entered using Manually Drawn option for NGO


    Software Update 6th June 2011

     Self Drawing Officers who has been provided with AG Slip with revised rates could add the  revised details in the above screen. 


    Software Update 27th May 2011

    Softare Update on 10th May 2011


    Software Update on 5th May 2011


    Software Update on 30th April 2011

          NB: If the pay revision Editing for SDO is used then the Employee/SDO is considered to be in Revised scale. After that DA, HRA , CCA will be in revised rates

     Software Update on 28th April 2011

     Pay Revision 2009 Modules in SPARK

     In the salary matters menu, a new menu group is added as “Pay Revision 2009” with the following items.

    Pay Revision Fixation

    Pay Revision Editing

    Pay Revision Status

    Pay Revision Arrear Processing

    Pay Revision Arrear Bill

    PR PF Contribution Schedule

    The following procedure may be followed.

    Step I

    Before Fixing Pay in the Revised Scales of Pay Please go to  

    Select Salary Matters--->Pay Revision 2009 -->Pay Revision Status

    Step II

    Select Salary Matters--->Pay Revision 2009 --> Pay Revision Fixation Menu

    and Select the employee.

    Step III

    Check the Designation, Scale of Pay (Revised and Pre-revised). The promotion details displayed may also be verified for employees who have obtained promotion between the Option date and date of Fixation

    Click “Confirm” button if the details are found correct.  

    Step IV

    Click “Compute” button (which will be enabled only after clicking the confirm button) to calculate and display the pay fixation details as shown below.


    -Software Update on Jan 2011

    Please  offer your valuable suggestions and feedback on the modules so that we could update the same in the next version.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 11:35)

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.Enabled Photo and Signature resizing tool in SPARK

.The important NOTICE from PFRDA to the NPS subscribers may please be seen. All DDOs are requested to communicate the content of the notice to NPS subscribers (PRAN holders)

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